Picture by Kjell Nilsson Mäki.

One of the slaves gives a voice to the fellow slaves of slavery in Phase 3 of the Job and Development Guarantee. The protests come closer and closer to the bottom line of Job and Development Guarantee consequences. Slavery is reintroduced. For a pittance of compensation requires The Swedish State that you are enrolled in the Phase 3 and shall perform so-called employment tasks. For those who work benefits as earned income tax credit, etc. is created. Unemployed – and the sick, for that matter – should daily be punished because they end up in a difficult situation.

Around the country new slave cabins are opened that locks in and keeps slaves. In a very few slave cabins, slaves have a “decent” slave life, while other slave owners indulge in systematic mistreatment of slaves. You get direct links to the story of Uncle Tom’s Cabin, the TV series “Roots” and sections of the slaves in the TV series “North and South.”

In Phase 3, you are without rights; you have very small margins that may affect your situation, if none at all. Would you protest openly against what you are being treated of you will be turned off and compensation be taken from you, in spite of the freedom of expression, All of this is coming to the public’s attention, by numerous bloggers using the media.

But protests are coming now, the media are watching this, and politicians are debating the labor measure/politics for it. Conservatives fight with “teeth and nails” for a system that does not hold. What should they do? Imprison an entire population?

In the slave cabins there are slaves who are humming their freedom song, low, so that the slave-owners don’t recognize it.