Dear Lord.
I pray to you.Set us free. Liberate us from the evil Massa. Massa Reinfeldt and his neighbour Massa Borg are heading for bad times and therefore whip us every day behind our cabin. We go to sleep with blooded backs and our children are taken away from us. Wifey are sick of worry. I can not help her, my body are in chains. Massa Reinfeldt has not fed us for days. A fellow slave has eaten dirt for twoo days now. He can do that, he’s got no teeth. The dirt will not harm him. He looks strange,makes me afraid, we are poor, poor in body and soul, hungry.
Some slaves has esacped, with the posse chasing them, with no luck so the rest of us had to be whipped. A slave told me that he has seen some sheds in the woods, where the fugitives hide.
I dream every night about the sheds, in my dreams they are made of gold.
Dear Lord hear my pray. Set us free. Before we all die…