It is so cold that the bucket of water we keep in cabin has frozen, instead of water there is a lump of ice in the bucket. Slaves are thursty. We have no food, massa Reinfeldt thought we didn’t work hard enough. How to work outside with stiff,cold fingers?  Some of us hasn’t come home yet today. Maybee they’re dead. I don’t know. Some old slaves has vanished but massa Reinfeldt always buys new ones at slavemarket in Stockholm. He don’t want fresh ones, they are to expensive, he go much for slaves that are old. He buys many old slaves and before they come to cabin he takes their teeth, if they have any. So they won’t miss real food because they have nothin’ to chew with.

Our clothes are thin and full of wholes. Some slaves steal other slaves clothes. I still have my old clothes, but it’s a matter of time I wake up in the morning freezing like hell, and my clothes are gone. But massa Reinfeldt says it’s nothin’ and gives us old sacks instead, they are a bit warm but full of wholes dem too.

It’s cold outside but it’s cold inside too, everythin’ are just darned cold. I better set cabin on fire, makes us warm…

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