Massa Reinfeldt says I’m no good. He keeps me here and I have nowhere to go. The chains are to heavy. I shall stay here ’til I die! I and my fellow slaves are hungry and many of us has very bad teeth. Some of us are really sick and they should not work at all. There are doctor’s who tries to help us but Massa and his colleauges in the governement has decided that the slaves are not ill. And the governement authorities helps massa as much as they can.

We slaves stand alone in this, the governement opponents are a bleak bunch of politicians that has lost their goals. They are at no help for us. So we stand alone in this. One politician even told some of us that “they could not do more” and that she with her colleauges in the opposite parties urged us to more or less do the opponent work ourselves. We sat here around our small fire in the evening and some of us said that we had been betrayed. Some of us slaves are really angry, and many of us doesn’t trust the opponent parties anymore. Even if they in a votation in the parlament stopped the authorities to start more slave cabins. But slavery contiunes. I see new slaves every day.

Massa Reinfeldt and his Missy (Minister for Employment) Hillevi Engström continues to ignore a political decision. They are openly involved  in slaves annihilation. Many slaves will die! They will starve to death, slowly, slowly!

I found some paper in Massas office to write on, it is hard to find paper an pen as a slave and I do not know when I will find paper and pen again to write so I can tell you more about how we slaves are abused. There are noone out there who can help us carry the word. We are betrayed!