There are thousands of unemployed people in Sweden today that are forced into modern slavery by the State Job-Centres. Via this system they are under repression. The system is called Fas 3 in the Jobb och Utvecklingsgarantin, phase 3 and Job and Development-guarantee in english, a quick translation.

This is the end staion for the unemployed who has circulated too long in the general system. All options has been tested with no results what so ever. And it’s not very hard to understand why. A bureaucratic system doesn’t keep tools to work efficiently with the clients as they should. The main reason is that the system doesn’t regard people as individuals. The unemployed people in phase 3 is seen as a group of people that shall be treated with a very strict and controlling management. Just like slaves.

The beneficary-rates are extremely low for these people and many of them are more or less made poor in this way. Since the State has pointed out this working action for them they are doomed to a life in total poverty, forced into a lifestyle with debts that can’t be paid and in the long run made homeless. How to pay for rent when you have nothing to pay with? During this, the status of health undergo a catastrophic development. Because they have no possiblities to get dental care, health care and medications. They simply cannot afford it.

So, the Swedish governement are responsible for making people poor. In total contradiction to their election-promises and political agenda. 

I’ll write more later on from my slavecottage. Hopefully you don’t have to wait too long…